"To build a strong team, you must see someone else's strengths as a complement to your weakness and not a threat to your position or authority."
christine cairn


The financial success of our business comes down to our people.  Studies have shown that only 15% of bottom line success can be tied to technical skill alone, which means that 85% comes down to people skills, relationships and how effectively our people can work together.

At Reignite Performance Coaching we are passionate about ensuring you and your team know how to succeed.  We offer world class diagnostic tools that allow you to track and measure your teams’ performance across a number of key attributes such as effective communication, decision making, trust, vision, collaboration and more.

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To know how we look; we use a mirror. To know how we behave; we use personality profiles. When we understand what drives us to behave the way that we do and how that impacts those around us, we have the power to make deeply impactful change. Profiling is often the starting point in my work with teams as it provides a scientific framework through which to guide development conversations.


My team workshops are based on the Clarity 4D profiling tool and take the individual learnings to a whole new level. A profile in itself is interesting to the reader, but it comes exponentially more valuable when combined with team activities and discussions so that everyone develops a clear picture of how those around them operate. This can lead to more effective communication, reduced conflict, greater collaboration and improved productivity & efficiency.


The Team DyNAmics Diagnostic gives a tangible metric through which to track how well a team is working together. Each team member anonymously rates the team across 16 key attributes; the results then become compiled into a single report resulting in a team effectiveness score. The overall score becomes a metric that can be tracked over time, but more importantly than that, the results uncover focus areas for development. This results in a more effective use of training budgets, targeting the development exactly where it needs to be spent.

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