"A boss has the title, a leader has the people."
simon sinek
author & motivational speaker


There is a common misconception that years of technical, on the job experience in a role automatically makes someone leadership potential.  I remember the first leadership role I was promoted into given my level of technical experienced and I was terrible at it!  I could do my job well but had no clue how to lead people…needless to say it did not last long before I was exhausted, burnt out and over it.

What I have learned since, is that leadership is more about influence than it is about anything else.  It is about creating the environment for those in our team to thrive, to innovate and to succeed.  Knowing how to authentically and effectively inspire others to work at their best starts by understanding ourselves.  Whether we realise it or not, we project on to others and so if a team is under performing, then it is feedback to that leader to consider where they might need to grow.

Now some may not like this message – that great leadership starts with self and if that’s you, then you probably won’t be reading too much further.

If on the other had you are a leader who is eager to learn how to become the best version of yourself in order to create a high performing team or business, then read on!



To know how we look; we use a mirror. To know how we behave; we use personality profiles. When we understand what drives us to behave the way that we do and how that impacts those around us, we have the power to make deeply impactful change. Leadership profiling is often the starting point in our work with leaders as it provides a scientific framework through which to guide development conversations.


Working with a profile is only the start of the journey because a piece of paper alone, is not going to make a change unless a person knows how to change. Sometimes it can take someone to help us identify our blind spots before we see a need for change. Whilst this can be challenging, it will always lead to breakthroughs enabling us to go about our work more effectively. 1:1 coaching can be done over Zoom at a pace that suits you.


The power of self-awareness and the effect that can have on our leadership ability is staggering. Start the journey with a training or workshop session for your team customised to suit the needs of your business and the challenges currently being faced. Modules include but are not limited to “The 4 Types of Leader;” “Effective Communication;” “Managing Stress & Conflict;” “Emotional Agility;” “Resilience in a Changing World;” and “Authenticity & Assertiveness.”


Every aspect of a business impacts its people and people impact all aspects of a business. To that end, the people within a business are the backbone to its success and it is therefore imperative that everyone is performing at the top of their game. All the above can also be combined into your very own leadership development program customised for the leaders and emerging leaders within your business or organisation. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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