Increasing self-understanding leads to business breakthroughs

Are you looking to:

  • Help your people become more effective?
  • Increase collaboration and communication within a team?
  • Improve the performance of your whole organisation?


  • ...if everyone in your organisation could share a common language;
  • ...if they could communicate effectively;
  • ...if they could appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses;

Wouldn’t this make life easier for leaders and managers and teams?

Welcome to Insights Discovery!

At Reignite Performance Coaching, we have partnered with Insights Discovery to bring this world leading diagnostic to the SME market in Australia.

The passion that drives us at RPC is making great businesses, great places to work and so a partnership with Insights was a natural choice.  By increasing self-awareness, we can help people perform at the highest level, promoting effective relationships at work, improving communication, decreasing conflict and leaving more time to get the job done.

Insights Discovery starts with a simple and memorable 4 colour model that helps us understand why we behave the way we do.  We each have a unique mix of the 4 colour energies and by exploring this mix and identifying from which we are inclined to lead from; we can use this language of colour to help build rapport, adapt our style and strengthen our personal and professional relationships.

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