“I want to live in a world where people truly understand themselves and those around them and know how to use that knowledge to fuel their ambitions and realise their potential.”

The Journey to Reignite...

Reignite Performance Coaching was born out of a desire for something more.  You know when you have that feeling deep down inside that there is more, you’re here to achieve than where you’re at right now?  That was me a few years ago.

I’d been working as an accountant for over 12 years and quite frankly I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.  I would tell myself to “grow up” “get real” “suck it up”… isn’t this was adulting is all about?  But deep down I knew!

We have 2 young sons and I’d find myself telling them they could do whatever they wanted in life, go anywhere, BE anything…the choice is in their hands to make their lives amazing.  Yet here they were watching their mum settle.  Watching their mum come home from a job she no longer enjoyed stressed, exhausted and frustrated.  What sort of a lesson is that?

So that marked the start of a self-development journey that continues to this day.  Thousands of dollars and hundred of hours poured into learning how to be my best self and BE the role model my kids need me to be. 

Am I there?  Hell no!

Will I continue to learn and grown?  For sure!  I owe it to myself and my boys to do so.

The Reignite Philosophy

So how does this translate into how I work with my clients?

Well, this story provides the foundation on which I stand.  I was not happy with where I was at and when I FINALLY figured out that nothing and no one were going to come along and magically change things for me, I figured I’d better do it myself!

We need to BE the change we want to SEE.

Our behavior is influenced by who we are, how we’re wired and by what’s going on around us.

Now we all know, we can’t always control the situations we find ourselves in, so that leaves us with a choice.  Blame, judge, complain and be miserable; or step up our game, take responsibility for our attitude and control of ourselves accordingly!

The thing is, we don’t know what we don’t know.  We do what we do because it’s what we’ve always done.  If we knew better, we would do better.  It therefore follows that if we want different results, more time, more freedom, less stress, more collaboration, better teamwork, less conflict, more confidence…whatever it is that we want; if we want something different, we need someone in our corner showing us the way and that’s where I come in.  We need to think different, do different, BE different and that opens up a whole world of opportunity.


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