About Reignite Performance Coaching

At RPC we are committed to making great businesses great places to work by helping you drive business growth, improve team performance and create a culture where the best people will thrive.

We have taken years of accounting, finance, business and human behavior experience and rolled it into the services we offer our clients.  When you work with RPC you will receive customized solutions for your business because we realise that no two businesses are the same.  We take the time to get to know you, your business and your situation before compiling a tailored solution to enable you to reach new levels of success.

Our focus is very much on your people for we understand that your team is your biggest and most important asset.  Every aspect of a business impacts its people and people impact every aspect of your business.

Whether its sales & marketing, financial management, strategic direction, leadership & cultural development, team effectiveness or professional development; RPC can work with you to provide solutions to your business challenges.  Click below to find out more about what we do and how we can help you grow your business and your team.

About Claire Markwick

Founder, Reignite Performance Coaching

By now you’ve no doubt read about the business and what we do here…so what about me?  Well, I am a woman passionate about ensuring people are living life to the fullest.  I live in rural NSW with my husband, two crazy active boys, our wolfhound and the chooks. 

I value responsibility, passion, growth, curiosity and fun and bring all of that into the work I do here at RPC. 

I believe that life is too short to be settling for mediocre and this belief became the driving force behind the establishment of Reignite Performance Coaching.

When we start a business, it starts from a spark; an idea; a burning desire inside to serve and add value to our clients.  What I have found though is that this spark can soon fade as it gets buried under the ever increasing workload, stress and responsibility that comes from running a business.

They key to success in my eyes, is reigniting that spark.

Growing and developing ourselves, our businesses and our teams to be at the top of our game so we can have the success, the results and the freedom all without working ourselves to the bone.

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