"I want to live in a world where people truly understand themselves and
those around them and know how to use that knowledge to fuel their
ambitions and realise their potential."
claire markwick

Hi, I'm claire

A self proclaimed study addict and part time home workout nut!  Mum of 2, wife of 1, I live with my family, our wolfhound and the chooks on a property in the Goobarragandra Valley in regional NSW.

An accountant by profession, I spent almost 15 years working alongside hundreds of small businesses and within large organisations, before swapping numbers for people and starting my own coaching business. 

Reignite Performance Coaching was born out of a desire for something more.  I knew deep down inside that I was destined for something new; a feeling shared with many of my clients and the driving force behind everything I do.



As a business owner we wear many different hats and it is often very easy to get sucked into the day to day of working IN our business, which is sustainable to a point but very often can lead to exhaustion, frustration and resentment.  I’m on a mission to support small business owners to grow a business that meets the needs of their life, rather than taking over their life and I do that through the movement I call, Real-Life Business.


Leadership is not something that comes automatically after so many years of tenure; so many qualifications or with a fancy job title.  Leadership is a way of being; a way of inspiring  and a way of engaging those around around us and it all starts with self.  We cannot expect to be able to positively lead and inspire others, if we can’t first, lead and inspire ourselves.  Find out more about my work with aspiring leaders here.


A business or a team are only ever as good as the people working within them.  People impact every aspect of a business and every aspect of a business affects its’ people.  It therefore stands that if the goal is a high performing business, we need to focus on the performance of our people.  Check out how I seek to support your teamwork here.

youth programs

Our youth are the next generation of business owners and leaders in our community and it is essential that they leave school with the tools to succeed.  The Reignite youth programs are specifically designed for the under 21’s and focus on building a strong sense of self to handle the challenges of further education, starting a career and life in general outside of education. 


One of the fundamental keys to success is understanding what drives us.  Our values are the lens through which we make decisions and provide us with a framework to ensure we stay on track.  At Reignite Performance Coaching, we are driven by 6 core values, which are the rules for how we do business…


We are 100% responsible for our success and will support others to be responsible for theirs.


Passion is the energy force behind our business. We will always follow our passion and support others to do the same.


The world is a fascinating place when we approach it with curiosity; let's do that!


Respect is the foundation to good relationships; we treat people how they would like to be treated.


Professionalism is paramount; but there is always room for a little fun!


Integrity is doing what's right, even when no-one is watching.

"I'm not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."
carl jung
swiss psychiatrist & psychoanalyst

What people have to say...

From big picture life/work/business stuff, right down to the minutiae of everyday life, working one on one with Claire has provided such a valuable insight into not only myself and how I operate, but also those around me - colleagues, friends and family. Delivered with such warmth and good humour, it has been an absolutely worthwhile experience, potentially life changing. I cannot recommend highly enough!
Tracy, NSW
Business Owner
I was part of a team workshop with Claire and received a profile from her. Her service was excellent and she is an amazing person! My team and I found it to be very rewarding and invaluable to improving not only our workplace, but our lives in general. I would recommend Claire to anyone! The more people who have their lives enriched by Claire, the better.
Dan, ACT
Team Workshop Attendee
I had a great one-on-one session with Claire. She listened to me and adapted her approach to suit me and my needs. I am a very practical person and was happy that I walked away with some solid things to action. Highly recommend.
Lib, ACT
Business Owner


I love a good chat as much as the next person, so if that's you too get in touch and let's tee one up! Alternatively email me your questions and I'll get back to you ASAP.